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6402038The Goodwill Hunters organization was born from a desire to do something positive after the tragic deaths of both Anjuli and Drew Hunter, the only children of Jeremy and Gail Hunter of Marshfield, MA. Family and friends wanted to create a way to honor their lives that would be meaningful to the community in which they grew and flourished.

Anjuli Hunter, 23, was an accomplished, energetic and compassionate young woman. She was blessed with a loving family, many friends, and a bright future. She loved her life, was in love, and lived every moment to the fullest. On December 8, 2006, during a drive up to the mountains in Maine for a snowboarding weekend with friends, Anjuli and her boyfriend, Dave, died in a car accident. In the weeks and months that followed, stories were shared by her friends, classmates, neighbors and co-workers; stories that told of a bright star, someone who was always open to new people and new experiences----a compassionate friend to everyone.4048455

Anjuli's older brother, Drew, though deeply grieved by her passing was determined to honor his sister by continuing to embrace life, savoring every moment. He was touched by the stories of how Anjuli's life had positively affected people and he strove to live his life with the same passion, conviction and purpose. And that he did!

After moving to Colorado, he became an avid snowboarder, mountain climber and kayaker. Travel, made easy through his job as an airline pilot, allowed Drew to enjoy cherished time with family and friends, and to explore new places with his fiancee, Jenna. Life was good, he was in high spirits and in love. Drew, much like Anjuli, was doing something he loved when on June 4, 2009, only two and a half years after his sister's accident, he died while kayaking in his adopted home of Vail, Colorado. He had just turned 29.

6915280In the wake of the unimaginable, the extended family of relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers were rocked by this loss; doubly tragic. What could be done to extract something good out of something so bad? It was in the spirit of wanting to remember Anjuli and Drew as the smiling, loving, giving souls that they were, that Goodwill Hunters was founded. It is the desire of the organization to reach out to neighbors in need, as Anjuli and Drew would have, and to establish a connection with their memory that is positive and uplifting.

Thus is our hope and dream..... that the joyous lives of Anjuli and Drew Hunter will serve as an inspiration to others to live their lives with passion, hope, joy, and above all -- compassion. Goodwill Hunters invites you to join us in "Hunting for life,in our neighbors,in ourselves”. 

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